Shri Siddharoodha Swamiji Math Trust Committee


Daily Programs

Suprabhat and Bhajanas
Time: Morning : 5-00am
Both Samadhi's of the Great Pontiffs of the Shri Math will be worshiped by Panchamruth Abhisheka, Bhajan's Kakadarati and Mangalarati.
Time: Morning : 5-00am to 7-00am
There will be Bhajans and sacred chantings (keertana). Next both the Pontiffs idols will be decorated by serpent ornamented (Nagabharana) Crown
Time:Evening : 5-pm to 6-30pm
Special Palanquin Seva. (Pallakki seva)for the Samadhi of both Pontiffs with Maha Mangalarati in the Samadhi mandir of Shri Siddharudha Swamiji
Time:Evening : 6-30pm to 8-00pm
In Kailash Mantap there will be Programme of Devotional songs.
Time:Night : 8-00pm to 9-00pm
Pooja (worship) of Samadhi's of both Shri Siddharudha Swamiji & Gurunatharudha Swamiji.
Time: Morning : 6-00am to 7-00am
Shastra Pravachana-Lectures on Sacred Texts. In the premises of Pathashala OR the Preaching Hall
Time:Morning : 7-30am to 8-30am
Distribution of Prasadam Sacred Food in the big Kitchen Hall
Time: Morning : 08-30 AM to 10:30 PM
Shastra Pravachana-Lectures on Sacred texts in the Premises of Pathashala or Preaching Hall.
Time:Evening : 05-00pm to 06-00pm
Offering Pooja (worship) to the Samadhi's of both Pontiffs of Shri Math.
Time:Evening : 6-00pm to 7-00pm
(Mangalarati) offering Pooja to the Samadhi's Both Pontiffs Shri Math.
Time: Evening : 8-00pm
Distribution of Prasadam Sacred Food in the big Kitchen Hall
Time:Night : 8-30pm to 10-30pm